PBL - Evidence of Student Learning

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Coveney, Thomas
Key People of the American Revolution
In this video, students used a teacher-created Google map on key people of the American Revolution. Working collaboratively in teams, students completed research, entered key facts on the Google map, shared knowledge with peers and then reviewed each others' place marks. Pre and post-assessments were used to determine student learning.
30 min
one 40 minute period

US Govt. - "Triangle: The Fire that Changed America"
Description: Beginning on the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory fire, students will explore the lives of the victims of the fire, learn about working conditions before the fire, and explore laws that were created after the fire. Students will use PBL protocols and present to a live audience at the OETQ Tech Fair.

Entry Event: Sentence strips with victims' names, ages, and dod.

Authentic Expert: Interview with seamtress

Culminating Products: google map, podcast, learning journal, blog, graphic novel, interview
4 week project

View Fire! From Tragedy to Workers' Rights in a larger map